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Daniel Schukies is known for his passion for game development.

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Dominik Louven got unmatched programming skills in unreal engine.

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Phong is our creative PR and sales manager.

What does development depend on?

Gaming Industry
The success of the online gaming industry depends on whether the industry can meet the increasing demands of growing user populations for their online games. The emergence of fast-paced competitive online games with many players requires the industry as a whole to explore new solutions. In this thesis, an approach is proposed to make load-balanced game server in-stances interact with each other by synchronizing objects of a persistent game world between these instances. We show that this approach is indeed able to provide a stable and scalable system to fulfill the requirements for a high number of concurrent players.

Multiplayer Interaction
The gaming industry is building increasingly advanced online games with a quickly growing number of players. The games are getting more competitive with an increasing number of concurrent players when looking at the world-wide most played online games. This presents us with the problem of keeping the game server’s performance stable while increasing the number of concurrent players. In order to handle all players, it is common to distrib-ute them on different game severs. In case of a typical shooter this simply limits the number of users for each game session. When having a persistent game world, every game world runs on a dedicated server instance which is either limited by the number of players, or not in synchronization with the other instances. This means in a typical MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), a persistent change in the game world is not possible by the fact that the instances cannot synchronize the world’s state.